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WWMs mission is to empower mentally and physically. We are not only here to get stronger and fitter but to build a community we know we can trust. We are here to build confidence and a safe place to share our fitness goals and dreams.

We only strive for the best experience possible.

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THE Story

Growing up in Waukegan, IL in a Mexican and Puerto Rican household, Marybel is no stranger to being persistent and overcoming obstacles.


She double majored in Criminal Justice and Sociology at Bradley University and graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Corporate Paralegal degree. After working a few years in the legal field she realized it was not her path. She found her love for fitness in 2014 and that passion only continued growing day by day. After getting married and having her first child she decided she needed to follow her dreams. It was now or never. She quit her full-time job and got her personal training, group training, sports nutrition, pre/post-natal certificates, and more to come.


She started training friends and the word starting spreading.  On November 4, 2019 one year after quitting her job she decided to officially start WWM. COVID came along and WWM pushed through online and outside classes. She gave birth to her second son in 2020 and continued to pursue her passion of helping women make working out a lifestyle. In 2021 word of WWM had spread like wildfire and the rest was history. By June of 2021 WWM had its first location and has trained thousands of women since (some men too).


She has trained, empowered, guided and mentored women locally at her gym, in the community, and online to feel confident not only in fitness, but in reaching their goals as well.


Marybel’s mantra is: "You are the only person who can save yourself, by putting in the time to work on YOU, you can make all your dreams come true."

Meet The Team

I started with WWM on July of 2020 I’m the middle of a chaotic time worldwide. I knew I needed to get my body back on track. I had always work out here and there and end up quitting, this time was different I want to stick around and make this a life style.

I kept seeing posts about Marybel and WWM on social media and I decided to give it a try. I loved it right away! She kicked my butt the first day and I came back for more.

I lost about 30 lbs on the first months and started to see a lot of changes in my body but mostly in my mental health.
I have chronic depression and anxiety so WWM was helping a lot with those issues as well and I was very content with coming to work out and seeing the other girls putting to work. Marybel pregnant with her second child and showing up every day for us was very inspiring to me and that was another thing that kept me going.
I wanted to be able to become a mom again. I wanted to be in the best health possible.

After 5 months I found out I was pregnant with twins and I decided to continue working out with the guidance of Marybel and the ok from my doctor. I was able to work out through my whole pregnancy until 2 weeks before labor and came back to start my postpartum journey.

Fast forward to today I’ve been a WWM’s client for over 3 years and now and a trainer  for 9 months. I’ve earned my Personal training, weight management and Nutritionist certifications through International Sports and  Science Association( ISSA). I love coming here, I enjoy taking classes and putting the work as well as teaching and coaching others during classes. Even in my most challenging days I still show up and put in a good work out, I can’t let myself down! The impact in my well being is the  biggest reward. I feel very passionate about seeing other changing their bodies and life style, putting themselves first and taking that first step for their own well being.

My fitness journey has been a roller coaster. I started working out around 10 years ago. It instantly became a passion of mine. I found myself needing to work out not only for my physical health but my mental health as well.


I joined WWM as a member June 2021 and I was instantly hooked.

A few months in, I realized what my purpose in this field is. To help others achieve healthy happiness. Happiness in themselves. And since September 2021, I’ve been able to do just that as a WWM trainer.


During my maternity leave in the Spring of 2023, I earned my certification in pre and post natal fitness. Even before I had my baby, I knew I wanted to help other women through their pre and post natal fitness journey. There are so many things even the doctors don’t tell you.

It’s hard enough feeling like yourself post baby but then add on the societal pressure.


My motto is don’t body chase, instead chase confidence and happiness.  Then you’ll truly start feeling the results you are striving for!


I appreciate everyone that has given me the opportunity to enter their lives and help them achieve healthy happiness. And I look forward to meeting new people I can help.

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